Air Compressor Maintenance

Maxdew offer a range of compressed air services for all makes and models. We provide a range of support services from installation, commissioning, routine and programmed maintenance, 24/7 breakdown service, hands-on and online training.

At Maxdew we offer various support services based on clients requirements. We Provide:

  •  Installation and commissioning services
  •  Breakdown services
  •  Partner care maintenance services
  •  Customized maintenance services
  •  Preventative maintenance

We can help you evaluate, monitor, and manage your compressed air system ensuring your compressed air supply and demands requirements are optimized for cost efficiency.

In choosing your support requirements think about your business-
  •  How important is compressed air to your business?
  •  What production processes would stop if your air compressor failed?

Keeping your air compressor running efficiently through correct service and maintenance will save you thousands every year and ensure your air is always there.

Having just purchased a valuable asset for your business you want to be sure it is installed and commissioned correctly so as to give the long reliable service you need. Compressed air systems are complex pieces of equipment and reliable service requires careful consideration of several critical factors:

  •  Space, access and correct machine foundations
  •  Ventilation
  •  Electrical supply and systems
  •  Reticulation system design, pipe dimensions, air receiver volume.

Maxdew trained technicians can carry out these services for you. BREAKDOWN REPAIRS:
With any complex piece of equipment, breakdown will inevitably occur. Regular servicing with Maxdew’s preventative maintenance kits will dramatically reduce the likelihood of a breakdown, but it can’t be totally ruled out. If compressed air is critical to your business and you operate outside traditional business hours, we have the flexibility to provide a 24/7 service. Factory trained maxdew technicians around the country operate 24/7.

PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE: Regular servicing will go a long way to ensuring your compressed air system operates reliably and has a long life. In regular servicing we change consumables parts such as a filter, vee belts, oil etc. These are parts that have a relatively short life and need to be replaced at regular intervals.

In most cases the replacement of preventative maintenance parts can be scheduled to coincide with a regular service thereby saving you time and money. Further our factory-trained Maxdew technicians only use genuine OEM replacement spare parts and lubricants.

While Maxdew offers and provides standard off the shelf support agreements such as partner care we can also tailor a support agreement specifically for your business and equipments. Requirements such as:

  •  Service intervals
  •  Regular and preventative parts
  •  SLA (Service level agreement ) for response and resolution time for breakdowns.
  •  On site storage of spare parts
  •  Technical support and training.

These can all be tailored and formally agreed in a bespoke service agreement.
Please contact us to find out the best service option for your needs.

We are able to maintain all heavy duty maintenance equipments utilizing either our directly employed labour force or specialist sub-contractors who meet our requirements.
Both in terms of Quality Assurance and Health and safety.

Maxdew is providing a quality service at competitive prices, together with the recognition of client’s requirements and provision of cost effective solutions and high level service delivery. We offer the personal service which, even in these modern times, is still highly valued by many customers.

With the necessary procedures in place this will confirm that we are capable of providing bespoke services to the highest level and to the complete satisfaction of our clients.